CIC Construction Group Employees Recognized for Outstanding Safety Performance at the 48th Annual AGC-PR Convention

09/16/2022 News

Fajardo, Puerto Rico, Saturday, September 9, 2022—The General Contractors Association of America, Puerto Rico chapter (AGC-PR) recognized CIC Construction Group’s outstanding employees individually for their performance in preventing accidents and carrying out work safely. Likewise, CIC obtained recognition as a company for its high commitment to preventing them in each of its projects.

“It is a privilege to have an excellent work team that is passionate about safety and strives to protect our employees every day,” said Nelson Lebron, CIC Director of Environmental, Health, and Safety.”

Mr. Lebron likewise pointed out the importance of the support he has received from the management team in continuing to implement advanced programs created to strengthen our workforce every day. Within the short and long-term plans is to continue establishing the use of technology to monitor projects and identify and maintain a precise record of all areas of opportunity to make accurate decisions.

CIC employees’ recipients of the Jacinto Galib 2022:

  • Fernando L. Cruz Ortiz 
  • José Huertas

The Jacinto Galib Award honors employees of all types and levels within companies related to construction, including general contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, and affiliates. The award highlights the following criteria: time and progress in the company; community involvement; punctuality and responsibility; and transfer of trade/profession to children within the industry.

CIC employees’ recipients of the Excellence in Occupational Health and Safety Award

  • Olga Moya- Safety Officer
  • Eraclides Avilés- Safety Officer
  • Geovani Burgos Rodriguez- Safety Supervisor
  • Eduardo Figueroa- Construction Supervisor
  • José C. Hernández- Carpenter
  • Alexander González Febo- Heavy Equipment Operator