The top 8 qualities to look for when hiring a construction company

12/04/2022 General Construction

Industrial and commercial construction projects are big, expensive, lengthy undertakings that require a tremendous amount of complex work. It’s extremely important for the construction companies overseeing these projects to have the right expertise and team to complete the projects competently, on time and on budget.

Selecting a construction company is crucial for the success of a project. What should you look for when hiring a construction firm? What are the qualities that lead to the successful management and completion of a large commercial or industrial project? The best companies deliver a level of quality, professionalism, efficiency and excellence that sets them apart from their competitors.

Here are the top eight qualities to look for when choosing a construction company.

1. Good Reputation

A company’s reputation is based on the experience that the public, customers and peers have with it. There are many ways to check a company’s reputation: word of mouth, references, customer testimonials, a good portfolio, ratings from the Better Business Bureau and other organizations, memberships in industry trade associations. Do pay attention to awards. When a construction company consistently delivers quality work, it typically begins to accumulate recognition from local organizations.

With a bit of homework, you can learn valuable information that will help you select the right company for your project.

2. Credentials in Order

Credentials are an indication of expertise and quality. Reputable construction firms have all of the relevant registrations, licenses, permits, certificates and insurance they need to do their jobs effectively. They’re in compliance with local, state and federal laws. A good construction company can tell you what it can do for you and back up those claims with written and tangible proofs.

3. Extensive Experience

Experience matters. We all learn on the job, and construction companies are no exception. They perfect their ways and master their trade over time. They gain valuable knowledge through trial and error, by having to work around unexpected issues.

Consider construction companies that have years of experience doing similar type of projects to the one you’re planning. Check their track records. Examine their portfolios. Remember that the best predictor of future performance is past performance.

4. Impressive Portfolio

Experienced construction companies have portfolios of current and completed jobs. Before you engage the services of any construction company, you should look at its portfolio to assess the quality of its work. Always ask to see pictures of previous projects and to speak to past clients. If you can, visit current job sites.

5. Effective Communication

The ability to communicate effectively with everyone involved in a project is the hallmark of a good construction company. The firm should always be able to answer its clients’ questions quickly and honestly and act on that communication. To ensure timely and accurate communication, highly organized firms usually set up a single point of contact for their clients.

Internal communication is just as important. Your messages should be delivered to the right person and replied to in a timely manner. Consider it a red flag if you repeatedly find yourself unable to reach your contact person, if you have to leave numerous messages before getting a call back, or if you have to repeat the same information or explain yourself over and over.

6. Tech-Rigged

Another important quality to look for is the technology the company uses—from wearables to project management platforms, advanced modeling software and other tech innovations. Technology streamlines processes such as planning, scheduling, budgeting and sourcing, and helps improve quality, boost safety and increase consistency and productivity. By embracing modern technology a construction company shows that it is progressive and adequately equipped to meet its clients’ needs.

7. Sound Management

In construction, the management team has a huge influence on the company’s reputation and its ability to attract new business. You can’t do outstanding work under mediocre management. Before signing a contract, do a little of investigating into each of the members of the management team. What you discover may serve as confirmation that you’re choosing the right company or prompt you to look elsewhere.

8. Commitment to Safety

Construction job sites are dangerous places. All construction projects involve the use of heavy machinery and equipment, materials and methods that routinely expose workers to hazards that can cause injury, physical impairment and even death. The importance of safety in construction cannot be overstated. It’s a fundamental aspect of the day-to-day operations of any reputable construction company.

Leading construction companies make every conceivable effort to prevent accidents on job sites. To that end, they have rigorous Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) programs designed to ensure worker safety. When evaluating various companies for your project, ask about their EHS programs.

Commitment to safety

Choose the Right Ally

CIC Construction Group has established a decades-long reputation in its region as a high-caliber, trustworthy construction company. The firm has received numerous awards for consistently delivering quality, exceeding clients’ expectations and achieving an impeccable safety record.

CIC has a strict policy of transparency that inspires confidence and encourages collaboration with its clients. The company consistently hires people who share its values and frequently recognizes and rewards them for their talent, drive and achievements.

“Our brand represents much more than what we accomplish in each project,” says Jose Torrens, vice president of CIC Construction Group. “It’s about an unwavering commitment to excellence and integrity. We’re honest people, and that makes all the difference.”

The top 8 qualities to look for when hiring a construction company

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