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The Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority awarded this project in September 2005 to ABB, a major electrical equipment vendor. Due to the job site limitations, CIC divided the project into two phases. Phase 1 involved a 1,665-SF building that had to be operational to permit the demolition of a 38kV switchyard so that Phase 2 could begin. In the second phase, we constructed a high bay main level of 8,706 SF with a 7,132-SF basement space. The building includes an overhead traveling crane for maintenance purposes. Adjacent to the first phase building, CIC constructed a diked area for two 100 mVA 115/38 kV transformers. The site works primarily included foundations for the gas-insulated bus duct supports, which connects the building’s electrical equipment to the power plant’s main transformers, and for the H frame structures which intercept the four 115kV overhead lines. The Palo Seco plant has a generating capacity of 744 MW.

  • Location:Cataño, Puerto Rico
  • Architects:CMA Architects & Engineers
  • Cost:$37,500,000 (including equipment)
  • Scope:
    • General Contractors 
    • Self-performed all Civil, Structural & Architectural Work
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