CIC Announces 2018 Safety Award Winners!

05/03/2018 News

We celebrated the values ​​of the year in Safety, awards given to supervisors who successfully meet the right conditions to reduce accidents and illnesses. Every year these awards are delivered based on the evaluation made of the main elements that make up our safety programs. Such programs include managerial leadership, application of safety rules and procedures, investigation and analysis of accidents, training, industrial hygiene, preparation for emergencies, and protection of the environment.

Our applause goes to each of them for the passion demonstrated!

Project Excellence in Safety: Sartorius Stedim Biotech

Project Health and Safety Program: AbbVie

Engineers of the Year in Safety: Víctor Font, Lianne Fernandez

Safety Officers of the Year in Safety: Manuel Rivera, Carlos Rodriguez

Supervisors of the Year in Safety: Jose Lagares, Andrés Carmona, José Luis Camacho, José M. Hernandez