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Celebrating 40 years of outstanding work and partnership!


A strong, stable, management team

CIC management team is a group of industry professionals with many years of experience working together. They share experience, knowledge, and a detailed understanding of the company and its clients.

CIC leaders drive your construction project to the next level of success by leading with integrity and empowerment. Their leadership is hands-on with the skills and the authority to address and solve any situation that arises to ensure superior and efficient outcomes on all projects.


  • Gustavo A. Hermida President
  • Fred Gallo Partner
  • Jose Torrens Vice President
  • Joachim Cela Vice President
  • Jorge Clivilles Chief Financial Officer
  • Damaris Encarnacion Vice President
  • Dennis Martínez Project Director
  • Luis Gomez Project Director
  • Tony Jordan Executive Director, North Carolina
  • Edwin Carrasquillo Executive Director, Florida
  • Carlos Hermida Procurement Manager
  • EHS Director